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Strong, Well-Crafted Words from Bill Maher

I came across an article today that one which I feel the need to comment. Bill Maher, talk show host and progressive guest blogger on, put to words much better than I could, the things I’ve been thinking and feeling at least since the health care debate started heating up this summer, if not since Obama took office.

Its also been my major complaint with the Democratic Party since they took back control of the U.S. House in 2006; right off the bat, House leadership proclaimed impeachment was ‘off the table.’

For progressives, such as myself, the Obama Presidency has been a huge disappointment thus far. From discharging Van Jones, to a weak environmental emissions regulation bill, to his most recent concessions on health care reform, Obama has bowed to Republican pressure every time.

Those who supported Obama from the beginning (of which I am not one), they’re still waiting for the campaign promised ‘change we can believe in.’

Bill Maher voices, with insight and humor, what I believe many progressives and even some Democrats are thinking. With Democrats controlling BOTH houses of Congress, not to mention the White House, I think its really time for Republicans (and their pundits) to remember what it feels like to be relegated to the minority party.

He (and Democrats generally) caved without a fight on a Single-Payer solution to our health care woes, only to have a fight about his watered-down-at-best solution which is little more than a bail out, or subsidy, to the health insurance industry. A public option, as described by Obama, is likely to act like a syphon drawing the sick and elderly out of the private insurance system, eventually driving the public insurance system to bankruptcy.

Referring to a Single-Payer option as the hope of the left, Obama by default invalidates it as a real and valid solution to our health care crisis.

And now, Obama has begun to look to ‘overhaul the financial regulatory system,’ according to the Washington Post. Here’s hoping Obama is far more of an ‘asshole’ in regulating the financial market than he has been in dealing with health care reform…..

I won’t be holding my breath.

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