Finally!! (and what the hell?)

The word is out.  Yesterday Dennis Kucinich filed Articles of Impeachment against vice president Dick Cheney.  This is a fantastic first step and could be a great lesson for this administration about the constitution (I’m not sure they’ve ever read it).  When I saw the headline, I nearly jumped out of my seat in excitement.  Then I read the rest of the article.  It seems Mr. Kucinich doesn’t plan on putting a whole lot of effort into really getting the ball rolling on this.  What’s more, the speaker of the house, mousy Nancy Pelosi doesn’t mince words when she says keeping (and gaining more) democrats in power is more important than any impeachment proceedings.

Its true that I probably don’t understand the political nuances that are necessary to function in DC, but Pelosi comes right out and says that politics is more important that doing what’s right.  There’s more at stake here than getting the president and vice president out of office.  Impeachment proceedings would send a clear message, to both republican and democratic future presidents that the people will not tolerate the discarding of the constitution for power or political gain.  What this says to me is the democrats don’t like bush and what he does, but they wouldn’t mind it nearly as much if bush were a democrat.

Maybe I’ve become cynical about out government, but it seems to me neither party is really interested in anything other than getting and keeping power.  Of course, there are members of each party that don’t fit that mold, but as entities both parties are completely corrupt.

I applaud representative Kucinich for taking this bold step forward, even if he doesn’t plan to take another.  His actions will add fuel to the fire among liberals and add force to the conversation that’s going on nationwide with regard to impeachment.  And I hope more democrats in the house will wake up and choose to do what’s right, instead of choosing the path of least resistance to keeping their jobs and growing the democratic majority in congress.

What good will a democratic president be if he (or she) continues to ignore the constitution?