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“Obama’s Birth Certificate”

Any reasonably sane person will admit this ‘birther’ movement is comprised entirely of nut jobs. I understand in any number of circumstances, calling activists ‘nut jobs’ does quite a bit to damage the activist voice, from either side of the isle, in a country dominated by a sensationalist new media which picks and chooses its message.

Still, it seems everyone but the very, very far right group of insane people can agree that this claim that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii is distracting responsible people, as well as the news media, from more important issues… like health care reform!

Admittedly, I haven’t paid real close attention to the ‘birther’ news cycle simply because its a stupid argument to make. Its been proven. Its been proven more than once. And don’t even get me started on self-proclaimed ‘Mr. Independent.’ Lou Dobbs is a right-wing groupie posing as a responsible journalist. You think I’m wrong? Hell, even FOX’s Bill O’Reilly lends no credence to the ‘birther’s’ claims.

Here’s a pretty entertaining mash-up, of sorts, from Media Matters:

Here’s a hilarious comic by Matt Wuerker sent to me as my daily cartoon from the Center for American Progress. Its just priceless:


There’s a small part of me that just feels sorry for these ‘birther’ people who can’t seem to find a better outlet for the frustration. Or for their insanity.

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I think it’s foolish to assume that Obama is not hiding his original birth certificate and other documents, Why you ask…because, well, he is.

That’s funny, because I think its foolish to insist, even after evidence to the contrary has been presented, that Obama wasn’t born here. But you go right on beating that dead horse.

I honestly think it’s interesting how some, many possibly ignorant to the full and total story, try to paint it as some “wacko wingnut conpiracy”… The fact is in 3 out of 3 supreme court cases and the first congress of the U.S., Obama would be actually called a “naturalised citizen”, not a “natural born citizen”, actually making him unable to hold office even if he were boirn in the lincoln bedroom.

You couldn’t be more right about these people.. Or, are they crazy like foxes? They are taking the focus off the most important issue facing all of us, and that is the need for change in our countries very broken and dying health care system.

These three laws and case laws prove my point, you can argue if you like, but it won’t make him a natural born citizen. He’s naturalized at best, and possibly an illegal alien if in fact his father legaly adopted him and he became a citizen of Indonesia. It’s not kooky man, it’s the law.

US Constitution
14th Amendment,
Sec. 1

U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark,
169 U.S. 649 (1898)

Perkins v. Elg,
307 U.S. 325 (1939)

Also forgot to mention
US Constitution
Art. II, Sec. 1, Cl. 5

which actually will show that he cannot hold power unless he was a naturalized citizen in 1778.

I’m actually very upset that he would put this country through this, while being a constitutional lawyer, he most certainly knew he was not elgible.

Only Obama’s father was a foreign national. Obama is a natural born citizen, as his mother (from Kansas) was. As for him being a constitutional lawyer from harvard, i’m guessing he knows just a bit more about this than you.

But keep trying….

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